Crown Classic Dog Shows “Meet the Breed
Times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday between the 10AM and 2PM.
Meet the Breed is designed to let spectators who come to our shows to literally “Meet” different breeds in a special ring. You can walk through and talk to the exhibitors about their dog, breed characteristics and ask questions about it. Please ask the exhibitor permission to touch/pet the dog. Children are welcome if accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. This ring is located close to the Farris Wheel.

“What breeds are in there?”
The exhibitors who have dogs entered in the show are encouraged to spend some time in this ring along with their dog. The particular breeds in the ring vary at any one time. This is due in part if the dogs are being groomed or being judged. So stop back more than once to see what is in there now.

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Crown Classic Dog Shows
Cleveland, Ohio

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